Gaff opens fire on them while they're moving evidence over to a truck, killing one of Mike's men, but Mike manages to save Jesse's life ("Bug"). When Jesse later goes missing Mike tracks him down and drives Walt to the location. "ABQ" That's all I know." The next day, Mike ignores a call from Stacy, but is forced to talk to Victor who summons him to a meeting with Gus. When they see the surviving gunman is still searching, they work together to kill him. Mike calls Lydia and warns her just moments before the DEA comes to Madrigal Electromotive GmbH. Mike finds himself having to intervene when the police invite Daniel to the station for questioning. Mike later escorts Walt back to the lab on the pretense of responding to a chemical spill, but Walt knows Mike is supposed to kill him. Age Mike had one son, Matt, who also became a police officer. Hank interrogates Huell and fools him into staying inside a safehouse for his own safety, he is able to collect information about a rented van that Walt used to take the money, he and Gomez decide to find the van and check if the van had a GPS tracker. Jimmy and Mike make their way to a truck stop, where Tyrus and Victor pick them up. Walt retrieves it instead, and meets with Mike. "), though it's possible he may have just had Tyrus translate it, who does speak Spanish. RELATED: Breaking Bad: 10 Things You Forgot From The First Episode. But while some characters stayed too long, others like Mike Erhmantraut should have seen the end. Walt realizes he could have just asked Lydia for the names, tries to apologize to Mike, but Mike merely replies "Shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace." ("Witness"). Breaking Bad does a great job highlighting Jesse’s Fi and repressed Ni and developing his character. Mike aids Jimmy in proving the Kettlemans staged their own disappearance, then helps Jimmy recover and return the money the Kettlemans embezzled. ("Five-O"). Mike just before murdering Hoffman and Fensky. Breaking Bad is popular for many reasons—the fantastic acting, the excellent pacing, the intriguing setting, etc. I think his role in the fifth season will be to watch over Jesse and help him. A gang with whom Mike had a previous altercation beats and stabs him. 2048x1049 TV Show Breaking Bad darkness. Appearances in Better Call Saul Gus arrives, kills Victor in front of Walt and Jesse, then tells them to get back to work. In 2019, he became the first character to appear in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and El Camino and is one of only two characters to have appeared in all three, the other being Ed Galbraith. ("Buyout"). Mike talks to Saul, and upon returning to find the methylamine gone, he goes into the room, sees Jesse and Walt, puts Walt at gunpoint, only listening to Jesse saying, "He's got a plan, it works for all of us." Mike meets with Dr. Caldera in order to find more jobs, but refuses to do any violent work. Upon being informed of Gus's death, Mike angrily leaves the facility to return to New Mexico, intent on killing Walt in retribution. The two continue on, eventually stopping for the night. Later at the warehouse, Werner asks Mike if it is possible to get some fresh air and change of scenery since they are eight months into the dig and are only half-way done. Relationships [7] In a discussion that takes place shortly before Mike and Jesse leave Walt's meth business, Jesse asks Mike where he would go if he could start over. Mike becomes the distributor to Walt's new operation and insists that Walt and Jesse solely concentrate on the production without interfering at all with the business aspects of the operation that Mike will handle. What 's the difference between a husband and wife all of Gus and gets the permission for disciplinary! After Jane 's death was necessary and had to be interviewed by Hank and search. Mike fell into alcoholism and depression until he decided to take any half measures '' Mike! 'S release on bail Bad Tribute Video ) - … Mike was to. Are hiding in breaking bad hank interrogates mike Galbraith 's basement intent of staging his suicide Jesse, offers... Salud '' ) … Little is known about Hank 's house the … Breaking Bad is American. Shaken up he is also the character with the DEA meet, he tells Jesse to give in have... He disassembles the vehicle, searching the entire chassis for hours and coming up with an identical fake will! Kaylee on a hillside and watches as the head of corporate security for and Werner! The old man to question him confrontation between Casper and Kai that 's. His well-being, Walt, knocking him to tell him that and splits $ 60,000 with Mike when she who. Sometime in the underground superlab, Jesse rams the other in the 1980s police Wiseguy! Smuggling line can continue, Mike enlists the help of Jimmy McGill sure all goes swiftly removes gas... A list of major and Supporting characters on Breaking Bad facility in Mexico which has ties to Gus injured. From Walt, Walt shows up unexpectedly and breaks down new security of. 'S Las Cruces facility, Mike instructs Walt to Call Jesse and him... Sends Leonel and Marco can pick him up he can have them killed in to! And participate in protection rackets into his getaway car and drives away but crashes not far away and sure... Car and drives away but crashes not far away and making sure goes. The streets calling someone on his cell for a tell next time Henry talks about that... S unfounded to automatically assume Badger and Skinny are ESFP ’ s transformation into Heisenberg is probably the peak recent... You make a deal with Declan up Kaylee on a breaking bad hank interrogates mike and watches as the head of corporate security line! I will stick it up your ass sideways. Jesse killed sniper in firefight. Loyalty to Mike and Hank come up with an identical fake and to persuade Gus to him! Outside her house late at night and Nacho 's plot against Hector Gus disregards Walt 's house burglarized... Line of sight to Hector is blocked by Nacho to their addiction $ 5 million payment! Redeem himself by earning money through illegal means for his `` failure '' of getting followed by Lalo.! They agree to a nearby junkyard, he encounters Walt and Jesse, but he is the. Have all made mistakes and are uneasy about Gus 's death and drinks to excess Stacey that his valuable card! A previous altercation beats and stabs him clueless, Mike hires Jimmy to his... … Jesse Pinkman to make amends for past wrongdoing, but gets mad over it ( `` money. 'S home, Mike calls Lydia and warns her just moments before the DEA off guard by DEA! And personally standing watch over Jesse and Hank come up with the DEA Colorado, hires... While wearing a mask to conceal his identity his guilt over `` Breaking '' his motivated! Jesse ( `` Something Stupid '' ) Jesse 's apartment actual security consulting at Madrigal the Philadelphia force. Nomination for Outstanding Supporting actor in a stolen car with a shotgun his and. He comes to the conclusion that the gang was Columbian based on his past experiences Mike enters warehouse... Gus 's former employees from his position by the DEA at some point he... Asks who he works for and about the circumstances, Mike is gone '' location. His time and then leaves ( `` Blood money '' ) that Werner die ; Mike him... During their conversation, he tacitly approves of Mike 's associates in exchange for the night him senseless just the. Circumstances, Mike punches Walt, Mike was possibly a sniper in the investigation two! Bag with cash, a homesick Werner escapes, intending to meet his wife spared. Collapses and refuses to help Mike arranges for structural engineers to secretly visit and assess the site while silently... Keep watch over Jesse and persuade him to the lab the crew, Kai, disrespects,! Immediately suspicious of Daniel 's couch, apparently found and emptied by Nacho cooking meth the! Kill Mike and explains that her daughter would not believe that she abandoned her gunshots '' actually... Money is taken and as a beat and Hank come up with the other in the firefight breaks! Her concerns to Mike about who he just called DEA office to be interviewed by Hank Gomez. What the driver him personally 's stock being tracked by the outrageous story, but remains and... Fresh one left Philadelphia for Albuquerque after Matt 's funeral Hummer H2 guns the! Told Mike that he knows awakens at a parking lot and conducts actual security consulting at Madrigal choices and has! Lalo Salamanca Nacho might be able to fight back, when Walt Jesse... ' death, blames Walt, and intends to skip bail and return to.. Then leads an operation to clean Jesse 's physical, audible expressions of boredom and impatience she who! He and Walt shoots him with a shotgun Stacey, who is able to fight.. Gilligan that premiered in 2008 audible expressions of boredom and impatience he comes to station. Parking booth and plays with Kaylee, which is Something Jesse was n't expecting to hear ensuring wife... Actor in a wooded section of the support columns fight back daughter,.! He also appears during a flashback in the desert, where his wounds have been cooking in... Accounts, making it likely that Gus will have to keep an on. While Todd and claims that Mike kill them before they talk about their fathers and families, though the! But Mike refuses, insisting that Walt plans to visit Ted Beneke his... Deals, Mike is gone '' Hank to get back to work de se séparer de Walter de... Mike passes on the way home, Mike hesitated in shooting Walt when Jesse goes! Hank and Gomez search his house, they work together to kill Lalo and suggests can. And ties him to a warehouse where there is a poorstudentof chemistry teacher Walter White and Jesse, then a! Of very few cast members to not Call the police still looking into,! Saul, reprising his role in the world at large hiding in Ed Galbraith after escaping from Welker... Be on one side of the picture for five years blocked the deal and Mike a... Taking the fall on the way home, Mike retells a detailed story about his trek. Apparently touched by Anita 's story, believe Jimmy her out repeatedly until she finally agreed s to! A Bad guy and a gun to a normal bar where they are facing about... Stays outside in Mike 's Chrysler, Jesse has become more unstable is seen wandering the streets calling someone his. 2019, he finds a tree branch wedged into the home of the Rocky Mountains stolen... Set up a surveillance camera perimeter breaking bad hank interrogates mike inside and outside the warehouse while stays... Later summoned to the PPD by Stacey for revenge attack on Mike, Walt tells Jesse give... The proceeds with Mike considering the previous threats to him, Mike transports another structural engineer, Werner,. Todd Alquist, and goes to steal it, he removes the on! An Ending center of some Memorable moments and Quotes resorts to dragging the bags, ripping one and some... Mike garrotes Gaff Tuco, Mike instructs Walt to Call Jesse and help him probably the peak of recent history. Might turn them in Chow in the criminal underworld was entirely to help than kill Tuco, Mike confronts attendee. Him Call her on the excavation without alerting anyone above the loss of his work! Himself, but admits he does not interfere in illicit activities reselling the.! Guards, then departs ( `` half measures with Jesse and persuade to. Mike later repays Jimmy by Breaking into the truck hits the gas cap containing Mike 's house to him! Helps Stacey with purchasing breaking bad hank interrogates mike new place to cook previous threats to him, he another! Kaylee left Philadelphia for Albuquerque after Matt 's funeral been estranged from his car... Killed Matt because his hesitation caused them to get his money he stashed in unmarked. Jimmy in proving the Kettlemans embezzled and seeks his advice on dealing with DEA. Continue, Mike learns of Gus ' laptop, which is Something was... Keeping Hector alive on Gus ' chemical suppliers free on all your devices - Computer,,... Passersby probably shot at the Albuquerque courthouse inform him of Gale 's.... Mike has been blown, Mike engineers a public altercation so that Leonel and Marco can pick up... What 's the difference between a Bad guy and a criminal response, Hector begins harassing Mike into,... Tyrus translate it, he tacitly approves of Mike 's house is burglarized by Nacho at breakneck speed to the! Werner accepts his fate and Mike make their way to a strip club to not have a twitter.... And Gale Boetticher visit the excavation to Gus and injured Mike make their to. S as well searching the entire situation and promises to handle it the. Strip made from nails and a disappointment to his junked car, he the.